Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Choosing from others

When faced with the task of choosing office furniture for your business it is an important task not to be taken lightly. The furniture you choose will set the design, feel, ambience of the office for the staff and any customers/visitors that come to you. You will want to make it a comfortable atmoshpere but also professional to suit your business.
A desking system is always the focal point of any office fitout, it will lead the way for the purchase of all other furniture including storage systems, meeting rooms and reception. Each area is unique in it's application in relation to the business you are in e.g. normal office duties require standard size desks, accounts may need more space and storage and designers will need extra areas for looking at plans etc.
Look for matching colours from the one supplier, if the products are imported or have imported components, colours will not match between different suppliers and you will end up with a myriad of colours and thats not a good look. Make sure the office furniture is strong and with a good warranty, preferably 5 years, this will ensure you get commercial grade furniture that will last.

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